To effectively tackle the problems highlighted, numerous complementary skills have to be mobilised in computer science, biomathematics, infectiology, immunology, epidemiology, and animal health economics, involving 6 scientific partners from two EU countries.

The specificity of this multidisciplinary partnership is the ability to capture complex systems in models to produce results transferable for use in real systems, considering pathogen spread and control in animal populations from several perspectives.

BioEpAR (INRA, ONIRIS) has skills in veterinarian epidemiology (bovine and pig), infectiology, immunology, modelling and animal health economics. MaIAGE (INRA) has skills in biomathematics and biostatistics applied to epidemiology, including the analysis of complex models and large database. Myriads (INRIA) has skills in computer sciences and developed XTreemOS and Grid5000 that will be used to run intensive simulations. IRMAR (Univ. Rennes) has skills in mathematics and parameter estimation. EBEP (ANSES) has skills in pig epidemiology and infectiology. SVA (Sueden) has skills in cattle epidemiology and will provide information on pathogen spread in other fields than french ones.

Specific methodological skills will be developed, such as explicit spatial modelling and coupling of complex dynamic models. Generic skills will be developed, paving the way for research on other diseases. Skills acquired to transfer research models to professionals will be used for other models in the future. This project also is an opportunity for all participating partners to strengthen their collaborative network.

Modification date: 06 July 2015 | Publication date: 25 April 2012 | By: MIHMES