WP1: From the individual to the population

Considering pathogen and host variability to model within-herd spread of pathogens

The first work package focuses on the definition of individual health statuses based on within-host responses to infection, and on the integration of the variability in individual statuses and pathogens in pathogen spread at the within-herd population scale. The issue is to quantify host susceptibility or infectiousness in relation to observable indicators. This leads to complex interactions for which there is no readily usable modelling framework.

We particularly will focus on:

  • between-host variability in immune response to infection, inducing heterogeneous host statuses (task T1a);
  • variability in shedding patterns among infectious hosts (task T1b);
  • pathogen genetic variability within a given species, with a heterogeneous virulence of variants, potentially impacting the host shedding level (task T1c).

Herd characteristics which induce heterogeneous contacts between hosts and with the environment will be accounted for.

Modification date: 11 September 2023 | Publication date: 05 July 2012 | By: MIHMES