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Pig epidemiology and welfare (EBEP)

EBEP develops methodological researchs in analytic epidemiology and statistics. This group aims at studying the occurrence of epidemilogical events, identifying risk factors of health and welfare disorders in pigs and food security regarding pig products. Epidemiological tools supporting prevention decision are developed.

EBEP has skills in the epidemiology of pig diseases and in virology. This partner will be particularly involved in the experimental infection of pigs with PRRSv and in the development of the epidemiological model of PRRSv spread in a pig herd. An on-going partnership between this partner and BioEpAR has produced preliminary results on the individual immune response of pigs to infection and on the relation between pig immune status and infectiousness. These results have been obtained through an experimental infection of SPF pigs with PRRSv performed in ANSES Ploufragan.

Project members


Nicolas Rose

Team leader, head of unit EBEP

Supervisor of Priscilla Cailly

Dr. N. Rose has skills is epidemiology and infection dynamics of viral pathogens in pig (PCV-2, Influenza, PRRSv, Hepatitis E). He is involved in WP1.


Florent Eono

Florent Eono has skills in pig epidemiology. He will coordinate the technical issues related to the follow-up study in naturally PRRSv infected pig herds (WP1).


Mathieu Andraud

Having a background in applied mathematics, Mathieu Andraud’s research interests are oriented towards mathematical modelling of biological processes. His studies focus mainly on the transmission of infectious agents in populations and the evaluation of the impact of potential control measures.

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