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Biology, epidemiology, and risk analysis in animal health (BioEpAR)

BioEpAR seeks to respond to the social demand and animal health managers expectations by providing key epidemio-economic background information for health management in farm animal populations and for veterinary public health control. MIHMES focuses on scientific issues that are pivotal to the group’s research, the pathogens of interest having been chosen based on the research and knowledge of the epidemiologists in the group.

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Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, from Genomes to the Environment (MaIAGE)

MaIAGE develops research in applied mathematics, including biostatistics, dynamic modelling and system analysis. This group has experience in epidemiological modelling and is regularly involved in joint projects with BioEpAR.

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MYRIADS' objective is to design and implement systems and environments for autonomous service and resource management in distributed virtualized infrastructures. The team tackles the challenges of dependable application execution and efficient resource management in the future Internet of Services.

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Institute of researches in mathematics of Rennes (IRMAR)

IRMAR regroups most researchers in mathematics from Rennes area. Mathematicians of IRMAR belong to the following institutions : Université de Rennes 1, ENS Cachan (Ker Lann), INSA de Rennes, Université de Rennes 2, Agrocampus, DGA Maîtrise de l'Information, ENSAI.

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Pig epidemioloby and welfare (EBEP)

EBEP develops methodological researchs in analytic epidemiology and statistics. This group aims at studying the occurrence of epidemilogical events, identifying risk factors of health and welfare disorders in pigs and food security regarding pig products. Epidemiological tools supporting prevention decision are developed.

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