WP4: From predictive modelling to decision tools

The fourth workpackage focuses on exploiting research models to elaborate decision tools to be used by different end-users on their own, from individual farmers to managers of collective animal health and food safety control schemes.
  • Users’ needs will be evaluated (task T4a)
  • Epidemiological and economic models will be adapted (task T4b)
  • Software will be developed (task T4c)
  • Software will be tested on user panels (task T4d).

Outcomes produced by simulation experiments should be converted into integrated knowledge to be relevant for use by decision makers in explicitly defined contexts for disease control. Knowledge dissemination and the adoption of produced guidelines or recommended control options will be favoured by keeping models and outcomes as realistic and practical as possible, by integrating when relevant the socio-economic behaviour of stakeholders, and by involving possible end-users in parts of the project.

Modification date: 11 September 2023 | Publication date: 05 July 2012 | By: MIHMES