Task 3b: Coupling microeconomic model with between-herd epidemiological model

The objective is to couple the microeconomic model developed in T3a and a between-herd epidemiological model.

Epidemiological models developed in this project at both the herd and the between-herd scales will first be adapted and used to evaluate the epidemiological efficiency of control strategies. Targeted strategies will be defined in adequation with WP4 (T4a). They then will be coupled with the microeconomic model in a dynamic way. For each time step, the epidemiological model will provide inputs to the economic model, the aggregation of individual decisions consequently providing inputs to the epidemiological model. The coupling of economical and epidemiological models will enable the optimality of collective control strategies to be tested, considering both control tools and incentive schemes to improve the effectiveness of disease control at a collective level. To optimize control strategies, the key element will be the definition of a collective objective, which can be understood as an objective exogenous to the model (an epidemiological objective of disease eradication, for example) or endogenous to the model (maximization of the collective welfare of the farmers).

Modification date: 11 September 2023 | Publication date: 27 September 2012 | By: MIHMES