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Through a multi-level modelling of the complex interplay between numerous biological and managerial processes, we will develop decision tools to evaluate the effectiveness of disease prevention and control strategies at the scale of the herd, the region and the supply chain.
WP focus

WP1: From the individual to the population

We will focus on the definition of individual health statuses based on within-host responses to infection, and on the integration of the variability in individual statuses and pathogens in pathogen spread at the within-herd population scale. The issue is to quantify host susceptibility or infectiousness in relation to observable indicators. This leads to complex interactions for which there is no readily usable modelling framework.

WP2: From the population to the metapopulation

We will focus on the transition from the population scale to that of the metapopulation, e.g. a region or a supply chain involving several farms.

WP3: Predictive modelling to evaluate control strategies

Using computer-based simulations, we will evaluate the epidemiological and economic efficiency of prevention and control strategies at both the farm and collective levels.

WP4: From predictive modelling to decision tools

We will focus on exploiting research models to elaborate decision tools to be used by different end-users on their own, from individual farmers to managers of collective animal health and food safety control schemes.

MIHMES focuses on 5 pathogens

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